WWI: The beginning complete

WWI was now in full swing.

Many of the leaders truly believed that the ware would be short and everyone would be home to their families by Christmas or Spring at the latest. Many of the previous wars throughout Europe had been this way. But what none of them seemed to realize was that the way in which war was raged was changing, and when exercised on a large scale (as the Americas Civil War had shown) they would not be short, but long and bloody.

The United States would not enter until April 6, of 1917. But this would end its isolationist tendencies for the rest of its history.

The history of WWI is one that gets overlooked but its importance in history is huge as it marks the end of the end of empires and a new level of global cooperation that was being made necessary by the shrinking of the globe due to technology.

By the end of the war...

An entire generation of men would be gone.

Changed boarders and new countries would be the result of the bloodiest conflict known to man. 

New ideologies would gain popularity and success in the Russian Revolution with socialism and Italian fascism.

And Germany would be harshly punished for the outbreak of the war.